Aug 072009

Miz Metro with revamped and extended Makebelievers line up and a new hair style was looking and sounding good at their first Joe’s Pub appearance. This young group keeps getting better every time I see them play (I recorded their CD which just came out and was mixed by LA producer Ray Chervenka and I saw her at SXSW in 08 and 09) and her facial expressions and vocal versatility definitely captivate the crowd every time.
Originally I came to see Laura but I stayed for Ma’ayan Castel’s set whose music I was new to. Castel has a sexy and mature voice that reminds me a little bit of Amy Winehouse. The supporting is made of pro’s who grooved together like only pros can do and were agumented by pre-recorded loops and some background vocals that thr drummer was clicking along).
Both girls have talent to sell and should be followed.

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