Nov 112010

Milan was a total blast!
Although it ain’t easy to mix 12 bands in one evening and deal with 11 stage changes and 60 channels of continuously changing audio with dynamics that range from classical strings solos to seven piece metal bands, but such is the incredible variety of Zorn’s body of work and honestly it is right up my alley. I love his music and all the variety so much that doing a show like this goes by very quickly and I enjoy every minute of it really!
Can’t wait for the next one.
Here’s two pics of the stage at its least mic-busy and least people-crowded moment.

  2 Responses to “John Zorn’s Masada Marathon in Milan was phenomenal”

  1. Good job,Marco!!!
    Ero in quinta fila, si sentiva divinamente..con il set di Electric Masada mi hai nche fatto la detartrasi..;-)))
    Quanto era incazzato Zorn con l’amato/odiato Severo??? (the BAAAAHH man)
    (were you recording the show too for future release??)

  2. Hey Luca, thanks for the kind words! I didn’t know what “detartrasi” meant and I had to go look it up in the dictionary.
    Who the fuck is this Severo? He’s all over the recording, I wanted to kill him! ;-)
    The show was recorded but only for Mr. Zorn’s personal use, he might release it someday, who knows…
    PS: ma ci conosciamo di persona?

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