Oct 262010

Earlier tonight I found myself at the Apple Store in Soho to get my iPhone replaced and, along with a new phone I also got a concert out of it. Franti’s in store performance was great, especially considering he spent the last two days in a hospital. The guy is really upbeat, positive, down to earth and smart. I had never seen him live but I had heard of him a lot so I was glad to catch his live performance. He’s got a new album out. Good vibes.

Oct 162010

I had never seen Deerhunter or even heard one of their records but I really enjoyed their powerful but dreamy and spacious sounds. Half of Williamsburg made the L train trek over to the island for this (I thought I was on Bedford Av) and the sold out show sure pleased everyone. The four Athens-originating Atlanta-based musicians had good stage presence and attitude and to me sounded a lot more interesting and original than a lot of other indie rock bands out there right now.

Sep 032010

It’s about time somebody stole the thunder from that psycho who inhabited my homepage for over a month now (I’ve been on vacation and “unplugged” a bit, hence the lack of postings…).

I just wanted to share this video with you. It’s a live recording of artist Daniel Wayne live at Southpaw in Brooklyn this past May. Drummer Brent Follis produced the video, which is a nice multi-camera shoot made with the latest HD-shooting SLRs and a bunch of smaller flip-camera-like devices. The results are really good, it’s well edited (I love the quick fade from the reflection of the kick drum skin to the back-camera angle) and a great way to see this very valid band.

I was only marginally involved as I mastered the audio but I think everyone did a great job on this production.

May 252010

Again, not together, but I saw them both tonight. Richie played to a packed Highline Ballroom crowd that seemed like a mix of metal heads and strangely “normal” looking people (and of course, I’m sure, a ton of guitarist). Of course he kicks ass when he shreds on his axe, but his songs and lyrics are not the most original I have to stay. Nevertheless he’s a great player and he plays and sings his ass off. Reminded me a bit of Sambora vocally and you can hear echoes of Jimi and others in his playing, it’s just so fast and precise that it’s mindboggling.
Later my buddy Robby Angelucci (on tour with Frankie Valli, coming through the tristate area) walked over to Canal Room where long time Rolling Stones background singer Bernard Fowler and a great supporting band were giving their all to a nostalgic r’n’r crowd. Bernard’s voice is great (there’s something special when a black man signs rock’n’roll… like with the Livig Colour guy…) and his energy is uncompromised and dedicated. Keith Richards was in the crowd and was rumored would sit in but ended up not doing so. Great sound (mixed by the legendary Night Bob) and show nevertheless!

May 252010

No I didn’t see the two of them live together. I spent the first half of the night at BB King’s to see The Moth’s finalis, where Bridget (whom I blogged about before) kicked ass with her stand-up comedy style storytelling and closed the night with a grand slam story about getting her mom stoned.
Then I ran down the West Village to see the Bitter End’s weekly installment of Oz Noy. I got there early and caught the second half of Lizzy Loeb’s set (if memory serves me right), a talented young singer songwriter who enlisted Shawn Pelton on drums for her record and this one gig tonight. After her Oz was up and was killing it with his riffs, licks, solos, sounds and pedal switching… The Oz Noy Twisted Blues Band tonight featured the great and fun Will Lee on bass, Rocky Bryant on drums & Jerry Z on keys (that was a first for me). Of course they killed it and when they were done it felt too short a set! Great musicianship.

May 072010

My good (and corageously fasting) friend Kaoru and I went to see Mary Halvorson tonight. She performed with a great band comprised of the great Trevor Dunn on bass, an impressive Tomas Fujiwara (subbing for Chess Smith), Jon Irbagon on sax (rumored to be a world champion at Dr. Mario) and Jonathan Finlayson (whose playing is almost as cool as his vintage Kellog’s fruit loops t-shirt). The quintet played great and it was the first time I got a chance to appreciate her compositions (although I had seen her playing before with Marc Ribot at Le Poisson Rouge). With long horn lines and harmonies punctuated by written free-jazz guitar structures leaning on the solid foundations of such a great rhythm section, the quinted effortlessly spaced from improv to form flirting with moody and delicate atmospheres and bursting flames in full on full out pieces! All the solos were killer! This young and humble composer is definitely one to follow and one whom I hope to work with sooner rather than later.

Apr 062010

Thanks to Zorn’s amazing graphic designer Chippy I found out about this balkan vocal quartet called Black Sea Hotel that I went to see with her today at the Delancey. I was impressed by Black Sea Hotel: perfect pitch, great vocal areangments, haunting and beautiful, as long as you like Balkan melodies of course. Check out their latest CD for a taste of that or catch them live on May 21st uptown. This weekly Monday event is called Small Beast and is organized and hosted by Botanica’s Paul Wallfish (another NY musician who sadly is moving to Germany) also featured Paul himself on solo piano and vocals, Edison Woods and legendary producer/engineer Martin Bisi’s band The End Credits.
Also tonight I hooked up with drummer extraordinaire Jojo Mayer (who’s back in town and playing a Nerve gig at Le Poisson Rouge on May 16th; don’t miss that!) an together we went to Nublu to check out a band called Twelve, from Trinidad, who played some sort of stoner reggea-rock. They were ok and ex-Brazilian Girls/Scofield bassist Jesse Murphy sat in but reggea has never really been my thing, I guess you have to be a stoner for that and I’m definitely not at all.
Love NY.

Apr 052010

Mr. Foetus is back as Mr. Manorexia with his ensemble of four strings, piano, percussion and laptop. The new CD just came out on Zorn’s Tzadik label and tonight I had the pleasure to see him perform this material live for the first time (my first time that is). Although I have recorded the CD myself and knew all the pieces (except one that hasn’t been officially recorded/released yet) it was great to see it all come together as one cohesive performance. Check out the record, it’s great!

Apr 042010

Greek avatgarde composer and visionary architect was amogst the pioneers of stochastic electro-acoustic music. His unique approach hinged on applying the science and mathematics of his engineering and architectural background to his musical endeavours. His scores were often written on architects’ design paper rather than sheet music and he employed shapes and vectors to identify instruments, sounds and clusters.
I found out about this fascinating exchibit (which features drawings and audio) just in time through amazing bassist Trevor Dunn. It closes April 8th so I recommend you check it out soon. It was especially interesting to me because of all the music I record, listen to and check out live, it’s basically a look back on some of the origins of it all. Highly recommended.