Jan 262011

One of the most genius videos I’ve seen in a long time! I mean the lyrics are just so deep. Thanks to Robert Lee for hipping me to this.

And while we are on the subject, check out the screenshot of this new Windows software. This is gonna be HUGE amongst hiphoppers and r&b/urban “producers” alike!

the HitMaker

Dec 122010

They are just making travel harder with every day that goes by and they are the ones that take the fun out of traveling!

First laptops, then shoes, then liquids… It just goes on and on… When will it stop? My guess is never!

I bought a travel belt (all fabric with plastic buckle, no metal parts at all) specifically to speed up going through security and now they want me to remove it citing a “new procedure”! What new procedure? One they just invented today to annoy the hell out of me?

And check this out! These new body scanners they installed? I went through it today and they STILL padded me down!!! What the fuck?!?!$?!&?!?@?!

TSA has been checking people at airports for decades and yet we had terrorist attacks anyway. So what is the point? Terrorist have always and will always outsmart them.

If we fired ALL ground TSA personnel in every airport in the world and we put those people on planes with weapons and in incognito (just like Air Israel does, who coincidentally has NEVER had a terrorist attack on a plane!) then traveling through an airport would be a breeze and flying would be safer!

Nov 222010

I spent four days in Sao Paulo working with Lou Reed and in the weekend I’ve been here Paul McCartney, Smashing Pumpkins, Scissor Sisters, Pavement and others were playing in different venues across this megalopolis. Next week Jeff Beck, Twisted Sister, Stone Temple Pilots and more. In my hotel a copy of Time Out Sao Paulo with tons of suggestions on things to do.
I must say I am impressed. Is there really always this much going on here? Or none of the promoters are smart enough to plan around each other and end up overlapping all the major festivals in the course of a few weeks? And how many Paulistas can afford a $400 ticket to McCartney anyway? Obviously enough to sell out two nights in an arena… But is that really a good representation of Sao Paulo?
Even downtown at night cars don’t stop at intersections for fear of being mugged while idling the engine at a red light.
And in the morning the skies are filled with helicopters of rich people going to work and dropping their children off on the roofs of their private schools…
Walking around looking for a bar to have a drink in after a concert is almost impossible in the neighborhood of our hotel where every venue has an ongoing party with a cover
charge between $50 and $100. Parties everywhere!
I feel bad I didn’t get to see live music places like O Do Borogodo in Vila Madalena/Pinheros or their East Village (Rua Augusta)…
City of contradictions, even more so than New York, which for the first time ever felt small in comparison.
Still, NYC rules above all!

Nov 062010

In less than 5 hours I’ll be sitting in a big bird on my way to the old continent for a big John Zorn Masada Marathon festival. It’s going to be a phenomenal concert in Milan, with 12 bands in a row (Masada Quartet, Sylvie Curvosier & Mark Feldman duo, Cyro Baptista’s new band Banquet of the Spirits, the acappella quartet Mycale, Medeski Martin & Wood, Bar Kokhba, The Dreamers, Erik Friedlander solo, Bester Quartet, New Klezmer trio, Masada String Trio, Electric Masada).

Doing Front of House sound for such a gigantic concert is obviously no easy task (12 bands, 15 minutes each, 11 quick stage changes, 60 channels of audio on the board) but I am really looking forward to doing it and I have a blast every time. Except for MMW and Bester Quartet I have done sound for all of these cats before so I know it’s gonna be a killer show.

I love going on the road to do these shows but I love being in NYC as well and I love NYC with all my heart… If you love (or hate) NYC you should read this article I was just sent called “50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City”. It’s pretty hilarious, let me know what you think: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2010/11/50_reasons_to_b.php

Jul 192010

So today I got an bunch of angry and insulting messages on FaceBook from some dude I never heard of or met before… because I wasn’t sure what he was talking about or if I had actually met him before, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and answered his message asking for clarification but he went all out on a rampage for no reason!

Here is a copy and paste of our conversation (I blocked out his name with asterisks):

Between You and ************

************ July 19 at 12:50pm
see? I told you have nothing to be afraid of… the audio engineers and mastering engineers on the other hand…? why would you disrespect the musicians? we fill your wallet… not vice versa

Marc Urselli July 19 at 12:52pm
I am sorry, what are we talking about?

************ July 19 at 12:57pm
how worthless most of you people are

Marc Urselli July 19 at 12:59pm
I am sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about… you emailed me out of the blue… what are you referring to?

************ July 19 at 1:07pm
obviously wisdom has escaped you… pity.. thought you were worthy …

Marc Urselli July 19 at 1:16pm
dude I don’t remember meeting you, I don’t know what you got beef with me and obviously you are having a bad day, so let’s just drop this

While we are having this back and forth he chatted-up me on FB too:

1:08pm ************
where would you be without the men you hate.. like Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Roger Waters, go polish shoes

1:09pm Me
hey man, what are you talking about? I don’t hate Keith Richards, Chuck Berry or Roger Waters… where do you get your info?

1:10pm ************
from the way the recording industry has treated artists ever since michael fucking jackson came around
and you ran like fucking girls to the panty section to ditch the true musicians

1:10pm Me
ok but what is your beef with me?
do we know each other?

1:11pm ************
i want to know why the hell men of power in the music industry go with little girl music instead of mans music
and until they don’t

1:12pm Me
again, I ask, what does this have to do with me?

1:12pm ************
i’m holding all of you involved in the music industry guilty of the shit on mtv
and thats the way it’s gonna be until i get my fame

1:13pm Me
could you please answer one question only for me: DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER?

1:13pm ************
i know what you do
and i know how weak you audio engineers are mentally
becuase you couldn’t sut down hip hop and pop
so that makes you weak

1:13pm Me
so the answer is we don’t know each other, correct?

1:14pm ************
go tell you masters what i said
i want them to know that i know that they are slaves to michael jacksons jock strap
so go smell it with them

1:16pm Me
dude I don’t remember meeting you, I don’t know what you got beef with me and obviously you are having a bad day, so let’s just drop this

Initially I thought that this guy is mentally ill or simply having a bad day, although it wouldn’t be a justification for heckling somebody he doesn’t even know. I decide to write this post and make his name public (in case he was bothering other people on FaceBook as well) but then I thought of his statement: “i’m holding all of you involved in the music industry guilty of the shit on mtv and thats the way it’s gonna be until i get my fame“. Maybe he is bothering other people as well hoping that somehow he’ll get some free publicity out of this, so I decided not to mention his name at all. Of course I could just block him on FaceBook (and if he keeps harassing me that is just what I’ll do).

It is true after all, we’ve been hearing over and over, that nowadays in order to get noticed you have to really come up with some great marketing stunts, you have to really fight for attention, you have to be original in how you get out there… I know it’s hard for everyone making music. There are a lot of struggling musicians out there trying to make ends meet while following their love and passion for music, but all of this still really makes me wonder: can a frustrated musician turn into a crazy fucking lunatic???

What do you guys think?