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2017 Australia / Belgium  L   click to view  
Garland Jeffreys
14 Steps To Harlem
2017 USA  M   click to view GarlandJeffreys_14StepsToHarlem.jpg
Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart / Gods & Monsters)
Fleischerei - Music From Max Fleischer Cartoons
2016 Cuneiform Records USA  R   M   S   click to view GaryLucas_Fleischerei.jpg
Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart / Gods & Monsters)
Coming Clean
2008 Mighty Quinn records USA  R   click to view GaryLucas_ComingClean.jpg
Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart / Gods & Monsters)
The World Of Captain Beefheart
2017 Knitting Factory Records USA  R   M   S   click to view GaryLucasNonaHenryx_WorldOfCaptainBeefheart.jpg
Gabby Abularach
2012 USA  P   R   M   S     GabbyAbularach_Nomad.jpg
Gyan Riley
Stream of Gratitude
2011 Tzadik Records USA  M   click to view Stream of Gratitude.jpg
Gemma Genazzano
Si Me Quieres / If You Love Me
2009 Clipped Records Italy / USA / Spain  R     GemmaGenazzano_SiMeQuieres.jpg
God Of Success
2008 self-released Italy  M   S     GOS_GOS.jpg
George Mann
Hail To The Thieves III
2007 self-released USA  R   M   S     GeorgeMann_HailToTheThievesIII.jpg
Gerry Hemingway

2007 USA  R      
Gino Sitson
2007 18th & Vine records USA / Cameroon  R     GinoSitson_Bamisphere.jpg
General Store
1993 self-released Italy  R   M     GeneralStore_st.jpg
Greg Mathieson
American Made, World Played
2005 Capitol Records USA  M     LesPaul&Friends_AmericanMadeWorldPlayed.jpg
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