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Macy Gray

2016 USA  R   L   click to view  
Marianne Faithfull

2013 UK  L      
Marc Almond
AngelHeaded Hipster: the Songs of Marc Bolan & T.Rex
2020 BMG UK  R   M     VVAA_AngelHeadedHipster.jpg
Maureen "Moe" Tucker (Velvet Underground)

2013 USA  L      
Martha Wainwright
Come Home To Mama
2013 Maple Music Recordings USA  M     MarthaWainwright_ComeHomeToMama.jpeg
Mick Hucknall (Simply Red)
American Made, World Played
2005 Capitol Records UK  M     LesPaul&Friends_AmericanMadeWorldPlayed.jpg
Maria McKee
AngelHeaded Hipster: the Songs of Marc Bolan & T.Rex
2020 BMG USA  R   M     VVAA_AngelHeadedHipster.jpg
Marta Gómez & Andres Rotmistrovsky
Un Silencio Que Llegó de Lejos
2019 Newvelle Records USA  M     NVM005 Marta Gómez & Andres Rotmistrovsky Duo—Un Silencio Que Llegó de Lejos—r.jpg
Margaret Glaspy
Vanity of Vanities: A Tribute to Connie Converse
2017 Tzadik Records USA  R   M     Vanity of Vanities-- A Tribute to Connie Converse.jpg
Mark Nauseef / Ikue Mori / Evan Parker / Bill Laswell
Near Nadir
2011 Tzadik Records USA  R     Near Nadir.jpg
Maya Azucena
Cry Love
2011 Half Note Records USA  R     MayaAzucena_CryLove.jpg
Michael Hardie & Milton Hopkins
Waiting For Perfection
2008 Worldhaus records USA  P   R   M   click to view MichaelHardieMiltonHopkins_WaitingForPerfection.jpg

2012 Norway  X      
Michael Bisio & Kris Davis & Stephan Gauci
2010 Clean Fed USA / USA /USA  R     MichaelBisio_KrisDavis_StephenGauci_Three.jpg
Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone
Departure of Reason
2011 Thirsty Ear USA / USA  R   M     Departure of Reason.jpg
Maria Raducanu
2010 Tzadik Records Romania  R   M     Ziori.jpg
Mivos Quartet
2012 Ignoring Gravity USA  R     BojanVuletic_NateWooley_MivosQuartet_Atemwende.jpeg
Michael Chambers
2012 USA  M     MichaelChambers_Mirabelle.jpeg
Marc Cary & Focus Trio

2012 USA  R      
Mark Feldman / Uri Caine / Greg Cohen / Joey Baron
2009 Tzadik Records USA  R   M     Secrets.jpg
Meghan Halle

2008 USA  R   M      
Maybe Monday
2008 Intakt records USA  R      
Miya Masaoka

2007 Japan  R      
Marco Marzola
Important Life
2006 Wide Music Records Italy  M     MarcoMarzola_ImportantLife.jpg
The Subway Tracks
2005 self-released USA / South Africa  R   M     Mikanic_TheSubwayTracks.jpg
Milo Z
Sweet & Nasty
2002 self-released USA  R   M     MiloZ_SweetNNasty.jpg