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Play Past the Mark
Hakhel Tribulation
2011 Nu Jazz Europe records USA / Italy  R   M   S     PastTheMark_HakhelTribulation.jpg
Jermaine Paul (Alicia Keys)

2006 USA  R      
Adrienne Arno
The Virgin Hunger
2007 Tasty Good / Tasty Evil records USA  R   M      
Champ Jones

2009 USA  R   M      
Eda-Ines Etti

2009 Estonia  R   M      
Play Gabby Abularach
2012 USA  R   M   S     GabbyAbularach_Nomad.jpg
Play Honeybird
Out Comes Woman
2015 Duckhead Green Music USA / Italy  R   M     Honeybird_OutComesWoman.jpg
Katey Darling
Somebody's Angel
2010 USA  R   M   S      
Michael Hardie & Milton Hopkins
Waiting For Perfection
2008 Worldhaus records USA  R   M   click to view MichaelHardieMiltonHopkins_WaitingForPerfection.jpg
Preacher's Son
10 Stories Tall
2013 Ireland  R   M      
Play Preacher's Son
Come On
2013 Ireland  R   M     PreachersSon_ComeOn.jpg
Play the M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab
The Modern Expressing Machines Of Revolutionary Youth Laboratory
2009 D-Trash records Italy / USA  R   M   S     TheM.E.M.O.R.Y.Lab_TheModernExpressingMachinesOfRevolutionaryYouthLaboratory.jpg
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