The First Post

I’ve been wanting to write the first post for a long time now, but I’ve been so busy that I never got around it… I remember setting dates for myself: January 1st (new year, new blog), January 31st (new birthday, new blog) and other significant dates like that, but in my life time is such a commodity that you must prioritize, and rambling on about myself is certainly not one of my priorities… So today, on this unassuming April the 30th, 2007, I am finally (almost) ready to let this baby fly free… It still needs work but I don’t want to procrastinate any longer. I’ve read somewhere that a new blog is born in the world every 2 seconds, so couldn’t help it but to be part of that statistics.

My website has been in need of a new version for a long time, one that would allow me to add content more easily and quicker, so here it is, finally, at last… I’ve been working on this website for months now, maybe even a year, and I want to acknowledge my friend Davide and my partner Genevieve for their tremendous help putting it together… Without them it would have taken me a lot longer!

In the tradition of “less is more”, I am gonna keep it short and sweet as I am sure that I’ll be posting here a lot in the future anyway and I wouldn’t wanna bore you just yet!

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