What is Indie?

I’ve just spent a late Sunday evening watching this documentary film by Dave Cool called “What Is Indie: A Look into the World of Independent Musicians” which turned out to be a very well edited, well thought out and well put together documentary that entertains, informs and takes a deep look at what being “indie” really means today. Very clever and inspiring, Cool’s movie addresses and answers some very basic question about the etymology and true meaning of the word, and about the repercussions and effects the word has had and has.

It seems that a lot of the interviewees offer differing definitions of the word, but they all seem to concur on the advantages and obstacles that being independent implies. I don’t want to give away the film, but I will say that it is intelligent and even controversial at times, if you will.

“What is Indie?” comes as a DVD packed with tightly edited interviews, fragments of live performances and special features: CD Baby founder Derek Sivers, Sonicbids founder Panos Panay, Canadian best selling indie artist and activist Ember Swift, Music Business Solutions’ Peter Spellman, artist/producer Tim Rideout and many more offer insights, advice and experience. For the same 20 bucks that buys you the DVD you also get a CD featuring 71 minutes of music in 22 tracks by artists interviewed in the film.

I wish more artists saw this movie ’cause, frankly, I am growing tired of attending music conferences and hearing wannabe-stars ask the panelists the same old boring questions: how do I get noticed? how do I get signed? where do I send my CD? how do I send my music? Enough! Watch this movie, maybe you’ll understand that indie is the future and that it is a philosophy we should all start to embrace.

My only criticism is that a film about the true meaning of independent cannot be complete without AT LEAST mentioning Fugazi. I can’t believe the filmmakers omitted such a great example of indie! But anyway…

Highly recommended! Buy it from www.whatisindiemovie.com

What is Indie?

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