My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles

I wish I could say that! Actually, it is half of the title of the book Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles written by the illustrious Geoff Emerick (and a less fortunate co-author Howard Massey) – with foreword by Elvis Costello.

Emerick is the audio engineer who enjoyed and endured recording the Beatles pretty much throughout their entire career. This book collects those memories in a vivid and down to earth fashion. The book is not a technical book (thevery few times a technical word like “compressor” is even used, it is explained between parenthesis for the readers who are not engineers) but rather a book about the Beatles, except that nobody ever talked about the Beatles from this perspective. For obvious reason, reading this book is much more interesting than reading any other book about the Beatles OR about the evolution of recording techniques because it is a book about BOTH of those things!

Geoff Emerick has come up with some of the most ground-breaking tricks and techniques that are pretty much considered and used as a  given in today’s recording business and his influence on this world, our world, stands the test of times.

The Beatles have revolutionized pop music forever and their songs are equally timeless and majestic in importance. Much less is known or written about their personalities and how they did get (and later didn’t get) along.

Everything has been said about the Beatles, but not much as been said about who molded their sound and how they were to each other between closed doors. This book is a must read for every engineer (Beatles lover or not), ever Beatles lover (engineer or not) and everyone with just the slightest of interest or curiosity about either one of these two worlds. Absolutely highly recommended!

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