Les Paul movie (I’m in it too!)

Chasing Sound! Les Paul at 90I have signed a few release forms before, mostly for documentaries shot in studios I was working at, but this is certainly the biggest of those movies and probably the one I am most proud of. One of the few (maybe the only) authorized feature-length biography films about the man who started it all, “Chasing Sound! Les Paul at 90” was shot in HD by producers John Paulson, James Arntz and Glenn Aveni.

I remember those days clearly. The producers were setting up cameras: I was setting up an audio feed for them while setting up for my mix of the Sam Cooke with Jeff Beck song “Good News”… On another day of shooting David Fricke (senior editor at Rolling Stone magazine) was interviewing Les and producers Bob Cutarella and Fran Cathcart were talking to everyone, answering questions left and right. Believe it or not, the wine-red Les Paul guitar with Les’ and Buddy Guy’s signatures on it that Les is hugging and holding in his lap in the movie and on the front page of the Rolling Stone article, was my first Les Paul guitar ever – thanks to my buddy Carlos Cartagena from the Truents who gave it to me!).

I missed the premiere + show of the movie that took place June 13th so I haven’t even seen the film yet, but I will make sure to see it when it premieres on PBS, July 11th at 9pm (EST) and I will buy myself a DVD of it as soon as that is released.

In the meantime you guys can all check out the official Les Paul film website as well as the trailer here:

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  1. Saxshoes from Pulsano!

    i like when ur face came on the screen! u have done the bad choice… u are a acctor… leave mixer…
    ps NOTICE the glasses so fashion… where did u take it? can u send me some glasses like this in italy (a PUSANO city)???
    see ulater

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