Moldover live at Warper Party @ The Delancey

My favorite recurrent NY electronic music party Warper (check out their new site and amazing monthly line ups) has been going on for years and continues to serve up fresh as well as established talent. Now back at The Delancey (which I vastly prefer to the Williamsburg location) I decided to make stint to see Moldover, the founder of Warped party, the founder of the art of controllerism and the founder of the art of playing the electric guitar with a sock (his own for that matter) over his hand.
Moldover has evolved and is walking new grounds and reaching new hights. He abandoned the concept of live remashing popular rock/pop tunes in favor of remashing his own electro/rock/pop mixture of influences and sounds. I’ve heard an advance copy of his upcoming record and it sounds very interesting (a blend of electronica, some industrial, rock, pop and metal that at times reminded me of the latest Skinny Puppy or KMFDM and other times of Tool or some progressive rock bands). His music is now as original as the music’s treatment itself and the live processing is taken to a new level through the use of his latest self-built usb/midi controller (a light weight horizontal MPC-sized metal box crowded with multiple ribbon controllers, old arcade videogames fire-type round buttons, MPC-type velocity-sensitive pads, DJ-type sliders, big vintage-analog-type knobs, small infinite-type knobs, good old faders and a big trackball). The once shy Moldover who would barely even look up to the crowd from his bent-over-the-controls position is now making more eye contact and not afraid of letting the light shine on his noteworthy guitar playing chops (can you imagine how many chicks he must get now?) and even on his vocal abilities!
The genius of Moldover always resided in his skills as a real-time sonic manipulator of beats, sounds and music but just as noticeable and remarkable is his willingness and ability to reinvent himself and evolve, effectively moving on to a new chapter and corageously showcasing his own songwriting/production. Great show!

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