Thumbs Up for Speaking at SXSW 2010

I’ve spoken at several conferences but never at SXSW.

This year I am up for speaking at two separate panels. There is a voting process so that festival goers can have a say in what next year’s panels will be.

I would appreciate if you voted for my two panels at SXSW by clicking on the image/buttons below:

Marc Urselli on 'The New Now Of Music'
Marc Urselli on ‘The New Now Of Music’
In this panel I will discuss how the undergoing changes in the music industry have affected its monetization and how to make a living as a musician in this new situation. The primary difference between this panel and other similar panels is that I will not be trying to analyze why there have been changes or when such changes occurred nor will I attempt to tell people how to revert to the previous state of things. This panel accepts and embraces that in this new state of the industry changes have already happened and money is not made from the sale of music anymore. “The New Now Of Music” is the new state of the industry, where money can only be made from playing live an from filtering what’s available, which are two of the solutions to survive as a musician that I will discuss.

Marc Urselli on 'Recording & Mixing Tips & Techniques
Marc Urselli on ‘Recording & Mixing Tips & Techniques’
In today’s music industry more and more artist choose to record their music at home and are faced with the challenges or capturing quality recordings, producing mixes and even mastering their project. In this panel/presentation we will offer ideas, tips, techniques and advice on how to achieve quality recordings on a budget, taking into account the financial limitations of up and coming artists and the possibilities provided by today’s technologies.

Thank you!

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