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Roberto Rodriguez’ Sextetto Rodriguez killing it @ Lincoln Center with cuban-klezmer mix!

Roberto Rodriguez is one of those eclectic NY musicians that excell at many things. Whether he does his electronic-philippino world music show with wife Susie Ibarra or he lets his cuban blood take over on traps, cajon and congas or he plays tribute to his acquired klezmer roots and traditions like a real NY Jew, Roberto always does an excellet job and gives his 200%. Tonight, right now, at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein atrium he is doing exactly the same to a packed room and a long line outside!

listening to historic jazz label ECM Records founder and producer Manfred Eicher speaking @ CUNY

Listening to a Conversation with Manfred Eicher, Producer and Founder of ECM Records, interviewed/moderated by critic and author Gary Giddins.
It’s at CUNY on 5th Av and 34ty and it’s about to start.
I am here to learn more about this historical jazz label and to hear a jazz veteran’s take on the state of the industry. I hope that he’s not in denial like many other record label execs… That would be sad.

musicFIRST fights for broadcast performance royalties

In many European countries royalties are paid to the songwriters (authors) AND the artists (performers) but the United States’ adaptation to this practice has been anywhere between slow and un-existing (probably a result of the fact that terrestrial broadcasters are largely owned by the same greedy corporation). Interestingly in the U.S. digital broadcasters such as satellite, Internet, and cable stations pay royalties to both artists and songwriters, but over-the-air (terrestrial) broadcasters refuse to pay any compensation to the singers, musicians and session players who make those recordings.

The Recording Academy is fighting to include a new performance royalty for artists to be paid in addition to that paid to writers. Last week, The Academy and a coalition of music groups launched a major campaign to turn this call to action into a reality: The musicFIRST (Fairness in Radio Starting Today) Coalition seeks to end the free pass for corporate radio. We call upon all performers out there to get involved at where you can find more information and make your voice heard in Congress.

I love cross-posting to WP,FB,MS,TW

maybe this is geeky but being able to cross-post to my WordPress blog, my FaceBook wall and page, my MySpace and my Twitter is just about the most satisfactory blog-related thing I’ve ever done! Feel the love!

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