back in NYC… Happy 2010 to ALL!

Just got back to the beautiful skyline of NYC after an amazing trip that took me to three countries and seven cities in a little over 10 days. I did so much in 10 days that I feel like I need a vacation to recover from this vacation ;-)
The best of all is that I did it with miles accrued from flying around on tours and other trips. Sweet!

South East Asia is a truly incredible place, full of excitment, nice people, culture, traditions, heritage, music… Of course I couldn’t resist coming back with some new instruments and field recordings of local musicians performing traditional tunes. If I could attach one from my iPhone for you all I would but I’ll just attach some pictures of Thailad, Cambodia and New Year’s Eve in Japan.

Speaking of, I would like to wish all of you ALL the best for a successfull, painless, healthy, recession-free new year, sincerely. I hope it brings you all what you need and deserve!



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