Oliver De Lantsheere’s VisionQuest route starts this wednesday!

My NYC based friend, kitesurfer and film/tv/video wizard Oliver has been laid off and decided to give it all up for now and live life on the road. He bought a great big old van with a bed and a kitchen (as well as an axe and a shovel on the roof and many other great features!) and is about to embark in the trip of a lifetime…

He packed his kitesurfing, surfing, snowboarding, video and photography gear and he’s all ready to go!

He’ll be blogging and adding pictures and videos at VisionQuest.me and I’ll be following what he does, where he goes, what he tweets…

I took some pics of him on his mean-looking truck tonight after his farewell party tonight in Manhattan and I wanna wish him all the best!

Oliver is looking for sponsors and is probably going to make this into a movie, which I am sure will be worthwhile watching!

Good luck out there Ollie!

PS he’s a really nice guy, I told him to pose like a red neck macho! ;-)

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