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Online Digital Distribution & Aggregators options & comparison

Before the music ends up free on torrent websites and p2p networks like LimeWire, we all have tried to find the best option to get our music distributed online. There are a ton of options for artists wanting to sell tracks, and everyone wants to be on iTunes, and Amazon mp3 is becoming increasingly important to be on.

I have been considering creating a comparison table for them. So far online I’ve only found one such table (by Moses Avalon, whose interesting book I did read) but it is by no mean comprehensive and misses one of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry.

I was wondering what you guys use and what your favorite is…

Here are some of the major players:



Reverb Nation

CD Baby (acquired by Disc Makers)

And here are some articles with other options:

7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes on Garage Spin

Digital Music Distributors Redux by Steve Wilde

Choosing a Digital Music Distributor by Jamille Luney

Exploring the Digital Music Distribution ‘Jungle’ on

SXSW here I come!

After a few days in sunny LA for a benefit gig at the Red Cat with Laurie Anderson, I’m off to (hopefully) sunny Austin for 4 days of music and networking craziness and an interview on South By’s own SX Studio radio station.
It’s gonna be wild!