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Before the music ends up free on torrent websites and p2p networks like LimeWire, we all have tried to find the best option to get our music distributed online. There are a ton of options for artists wanting to sell tracks, and everyone wants to be on iTunes, and Amazon mp3 is becoming increasingly important to be on.

I have been considering creating a comparison table for them. So far online I’ve only found one such table (by Moses Avalon, whose interesting book I did read) but it is by no mean comprehensive and misses one of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry.

I was wondering what you guys use and what your favorite is…

Here are some of the major players:



Reverb Nation

CD Baby (acquired by Disc Makers)

And here are some articles with other options:

7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes on Garage Spin

Digital Music Distributors Redux by Steve Wilde

Choosing a Digital Music Distributor by Jamille Luney

Exploring the Digital Music Distribution ‘Jungle’ on

6 thoughts on “Online Digital Distribution & Aggregators options & comparison

  1. S2e

    And, after a year and a few months, I have figured out that Reverbnation is a bit of a scam. The fee listed here is wrong because its almost double that amount or 60 bucks annually…however, they not only charge a $50 take down (making your so called one time payment, 50 dollars more than that initial amount spent), there are also fees taken for every transfer of money to your paypal account. Therefore, no matter what at Reverbation, you are spending $110 to set and take down each release. Its not reflected in any of the sign up document and they added it on to the FAQ a few months after I initially signed up…But I was not happy with that system. Forget about the fees, they hardly got our product anywhere that cant be done at any other aggregator and/or distributor. They have great marketing tools but this where and how they scam money from artists. Which sucks because obviously as a young artist, trying to grow in this industry, every penny counts. And, its hard to read thousands of lines of fine print like they have in their FAQ section. The fees they take are very easy to overlook even now…I was honestly shocked a company with so much going them, acts that way towards young bands….as if its not hard enough to break into the marketplace, you have look over your shoulders at your own partner because Reverbnation is not at all forthcoming about these fees….not even remotely…they hide it….and that sucks because I could have gone to every other company, that would and does not act this way towards artists. Most companies do not take advantage of young artists, but this company is a nightmare with regard to digital distribution. I am telling you its a nightmare to deal with their digital services. Its very hard. Let alone you will not get paid on time. Its now 8/11 and I have had money due to me since 8/5. And, they refuse to deal and/or answer to it. Its very hard…and I know they are scheming some way to keep that money…which is incredible to do to young artists in this industry today….

  2. ReverbNation

    Hi Marc,

    The current cost for Digital Distribution subscriptions are $34.95 for the Essentials Package or $59.95 for the Pro Package. Our distributor charges a takedown fee of $30 for the Essentials Package or $50 for the Pro Package to remove your release from the retailers upon cancellation of the service. ReverbNation keeps none of the takedown fee; 100% of the fee is paid to our distributor ( ). This information is included in the Terms & Conditions of the service that were agreed to upon submission of your releases. Withdrawals from the ReverbNation Bank are handled through PayPal and are subject to standard PayPal withdrawal fees. PayPal receives this fee; ReverbNation does not.

    With regards to your Available Balance issue, we have recently added security measures which do not allow for label accounts to withdraw funds from artist accounts; they can only withdraw from their own bank. If you would like to withdraw funds from the artist’s bank, you must log in to their actual account. Doing so will allow you to click the ‘Pay Me’ button and withdraw funds.

    I hope this addresses your concerns! I know that you have our support email address as we have corresponded about all of the above information on a few occasions, so feel free to let us know if you have further questions!

    ReverbNation Staff

  3. Steven Finch

    Im really surprised you didnt mention RouteNote as we are the leading digital music distributor in the UK.

    RouteNote has both Free and Premium options for artists. Free option has no upfront fees and artists keep 85% on the backend. Premium option artists pay a small fee and keep 100% royalties.

  4. Marc Urselli Post author

    I didn’t mention RouteNote because I didn’t know of it, so thanks for the plug, since it makes the list more extensive.
    Do you operate only in the uk?

  5. magniaboyo

    For artists,i’ve tried most of them but please don’t use mondotunes,reverbnation,musicroy and…
    First mondotunes is like a scam with many stores but their accounting service is the worst i have ever seen.Don’t loose your money and time knoing you are putting your money in the trash.
    Reverbnation has another way to steal money from artist,to cancel an album,you have to pay them if not they will be taking all money from your sales.
    For me Tunecore,CDbaby and recordunion are the three you can try.At least they have a good accounting system.

  6. Tomas

    I can recommend AMAdea Music to everyone who wants to sell his music on the digital stores. They offer free distribution without any set-up or annual fees and give 90% of the sales back to the artist. So it’s only 10% of your sales that you are paying and you get everything else (barcode, isrc) for free. They do also offer custom selection of stores and great support. I’m really glad I found them.

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