Laurie Anderson’s Delusion at BAM in Brooklyn

I went to see Laurie’s new show “Delusions” tonight (currently playing at BAM in Brooklyn) and, not to my surprise, it was an amazing show!

Needless to say she is the greatest female story teller NY, if not the world, has had in recent times. This show is still political, but to a much smaller degree than “Homeland”. Above all it is personal, very much so, with tales of dreams, stories about her parents(‘s death), her dog and her travels and encounters. The amazing thing is that all the stories are true, and those who know her to varying degrees, will relate to a lot of what she is saying.
Fenway (her down-pitched male alter-ego voice) is very present too and she even does some singing in between the majestic spoken word parts.

Musically the show is more dynamic, with louder parts and very soft ones. Her supporting group consists of the uber-amazing Eyvind Kang on viola and the super-low-drones-producing horn player Colin Stetson.

Visually “Delusions” marks a return to the projections and to a more complex, but still simple, stage presentation. The beautiful set is made of a huge screen for projections, two smaller side screens for more projections (and to show the silhouettes of her two accompanying musicians) and a white couch in the middle which also serves as a projection surface.

Laurie Anderson is without a doubt one of the most gifted and original artists out there and I miss the times I was on tour with her.

If you live in NY I strongly recommend you, I urge you, to go see the show at BAM (it plays for another few days) and if you are not in NY go see it as soon as she is in a city near you. It is worth every mile you’ll travel and every penny you’ll spend! Guaranteed.

PS here’s some pics I lifted from Brooklyn Vegan

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