Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kenney and April Centrone live at Zoraspace

Just saw these incredibly talented musicians perform some traditional Persian material, some originals of theirs, some improv and some I Ching-based sound meditation triads at Zoraspace, a cute little known venue/bar/art gallery on 4th Av in Park Slope.
Eyvind’s magnificent viola playing was complemented by some electronics and sampling/looping techniques as well as by his new found love for the two stringed microtonal setar (whose gracing-style of playing he compared to the ‘green flash’ of the sun). Jessika’s heavenly voice interpreted Persian traditional material in original language and translated, Latin poems of the Virgil era and pieces they wrote themselves. April sparsely accompanied them both with her Arabic hand drums.
I have had/am having the pleasure to record this material at EastSide Sound over the past few months, whenever Eyvind is in town for something, and have a new session with them this week.
If you can catch Eyvind playing with Laurie Anderson at BAM every day until October 3rd, if not definitely check them out online at http://www.myspace.com/eyvindkangeyvind

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