Deerhunter live at Webster Hall a pleasant surprise

I had never seen Deerhunter or even heard one of their records but I really enjoyed their powerful but dreamy and spacious sounds. Half of Williamsburg made the L train trek over to the island for this (I thought I was on Bedford Av) and the sold out show sure pleased everyone. The four Athens-originating Atlanta-based musicians had good stage presence and attitude and to me sounded a lot more interesting and original than a lot of other indie rock bands out there right now.

3 thoughts on “Deerhunter live at Webster Hall a pleasant surprise

  1. Chad Kesegi

    I feel inclined to point out that Deerhunter actually have no origins in Athens, GA whatsoever. It is actually the north Atlanta suburbs of Roswell / Alpharetta where they saw their beginnings.

    Just clearing up any confusion that there may have been.


  2. Marc Urselli Post author

    Thanks for the clarification. I’m actually not familiar with their origins myself, however I feel inclined to point out that I heard they were originally from Athens from the source. I was backstage with the band before the show and the singer told me he/they were originally from Athens but live in Atlanta. I might have misunderstood the ‘they’ part, maybe it was just ‘him’. Thanks for the comment though. It’s good to get the information straight. 

  3. Chad Kesegi

    Actually I may be the one who was mistaken. Its very possible that I got them confused w/ The Black Lips who are themselves from the N. Atlanta suburbs. You must forgive me, as I’ve not lived in Atlanta for seven years and my memory is beginning to grow hazy. :\

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