Wataru Uchida’s Blue Morpho record produced by Nilson Matta out now

Working through my pile, one by one, today I listened to a record I mixed sometimes last year. The album was recorded by someone else in a studio in New Jersey I believe but they weren’t happy with the mixes they were getting so they came through the tunnel looking for a shinier sound at the other end.

It’s a mixture of Jazz and Brazilian music, a combination that young Japanese saxophonist Wataru Uchida has been exploring with the help of producer and bass player Nilson Matta.

Great NY-based Brazilian musicians such as Romero Lubambo, Helio Alves, Cafe Da Silva and Ze Mauricio make up the cast of this album. Eight tunes written by Wataru and by Baden Powell, to whom the album is dedicated.

Check it out.

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