Brooklyn’s last standing slot car tracks in NYC! Wanna race?

Discovered this by pure coincidence walking in my neighborhood this morning.

This place has been open for 46 years in the same location and represents, I’m told, the last remaining track in NYC! The only game in town!

I never got into this because it wasn’t big in Europe and maybe I’m too young for it, EastSide Sound founder Lou Holtzman claims he’s a pro and used to race professionally and even holds records! He even keeps telling me that he owns a track and will set it up at the studio some day, but hat has yet to happen, even though EastSide is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary and I’ve worked there the last 12 of those years!

It sure looks like a lot of fun!!! So I finally have a chance to try it out!

Sept 29th there’s a competition! Let’s race!!!

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