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Sym Proceed SM-MP4 is my latest piece of studio equipment

SymProceedSPMP4I want to briefly speak about the latest piece of studio equipment I’ve acquired.

It is a brand new pre-amp built without compromise in Japan and meant to be an ultra-transparent high fidelity pre-amp for when instead of a colored sound with extra sonic characteristics (something you often might want) you just want to hear EXACTLY what is being picked up by your microphones (which is something you also often want!).
I’m endorsing this product because it delivers sound impeccably, it offers loads of gain (great for ribbon mics for example!) and it is built like a tank (and weighs as much as a tank too – which for a pre-amp is always a good indication of high quality construction and no compromise in choice of components on the part of the manufacturer!).

You can check out the pre-amp on the Sym Proceed website or you can come to EastSide Sound and do some recording with me, I’ll be happy to show you the pre-amp and use it on your session!
Here’s a picture of it before I permanently rack-mounted it: