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Leading Japanese pro audio magazine PROSOUND interviews Marc Urselli about the making of Hikashu’s last album

Japanese mastering engineer and writer Seigen Ono has interviewed me a month ago or so for the leading Japanese pro-audio magazine PROSOUND.

The interview is mostly about the making of the latest album by Hikashu (the famous avantgarde prog rock band from Tokyo fronted by the great Makigami Koichi), which I recorded and mixed.
Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese but the interview looks great and has a lot of pictures of myself in EastSide Sound, my studio in NY where I recorded and mixed Hikashu’s album.

Kerry Muzzey piece featuring Jenny Choi on violin selected for TV show

I’ve worked with composer Kerry Muzzey on several occasions, most memorably we recorded this piece “Architect of the Mind” at EastSide Sound featuring Jenny Choi on violin.

The piece apparently got selected as background music for some dance competition. I don’t watch TV and have never heard of it but here’s the telecast with the song in question.


Hikashu Appreciation Society: An interview with Marc Urselli – the engineer of Hikashus “Uragoe”

I’ve recently had the pleasure to record and mix the (I believe) 20th or 21st studio album by the popular Japanese avantgarde-rock band Hikashu, fronted by the great and eclectic Makigami “Maki” Koichi (vocals, theremin, jew’s harp, cornet), whom I had met while working on the latest DVD album by Ikue Mori (on Tzadik).

Hikashu’s new album is called “Uragoe” and the cover art work is by Tabaimo.

I recorded it at EastSide Sound Studios in NYC after their performance at Japan Society in NY last year. I just recently finished mixing it (also at EastSide Sound) and the famous mastering engineer Seigen Ono mastered it for CD and Super Audio CD at Saidera Mastering.

The album can be purchased online from HMV Japan.

I’ve been interviewed by their official blog’s curator Nori and you can read the interview at the following link: Hikashu Appreciation Society: An interview with Marc Urselli – the engineer of Hikashus “Uragoe”.

Lou Reed recording at Avatar and EastSide Sound

I usually don’t post about who, what, when and where I work with in the studio because some artists don’t want for that information to be out, at least not until after their recording is released, but since somebody else did, I’m happy to repost the article.

In this article on Sonic Scoop, New York City establishment Avatar Studios highlighted some of their latest clients and mentioned me in conjunction with a recording session with Lou Reed that we did there. The song (which the article also mentions) was subsequently mixed by myself at EastSide Sound Studios in New York City.

You can read the whole article here (

Grammy slip away…

The beautiful “Homeland” album I worked on by the amazingly talented Laurie Anderson was nominated for a Grammy this year. Unfortunately we did not wind and Jeff Beck (whose guitar sound I had the pleasure to mix 5 years ago) got the Grammy instead.

My congratulations go to Beck for another win in his career and my best wishes go out to Laurie, one of the most ground breaking pioneers of new music, new technology and art out there!

What busy feels like? Working on 4 gigs in less than 48 hours!

To be clear, am NOT complaining, I am thankful I have work when a lot of talented colleagues are struggling…
Today I worked 9 hours with Lou Reed in the studio mixing a song at EastSide Sound… then I went to dinner with my lovely girl for her birthday and at 9pm I went to do live sound at a gig for a lively up and coming band called Pants Velour who rocked the house… Now I’m on my way home to do some more show advancing for a gig with the Swiss-American band Grand Pianoramax at SXSW festival in Austin… and finally tomorrow I have a 10am load in for a 10.30pm show with Bryan Ferry in the city so it’s gonna be an early and looooong day.
In the middle of everything I found out that Laurie Anderson is up for a Grammy Award for a her latest and amazing album on which I did engineering work, so I wish her all the best, not only cause it would bring my Grammies to four, but because she is one of the most amazing artists out there and deserves all the recognition and praise!

Wataru Uchida’s Blue Morpho record produced by Nilson Matta out now

Working through my pile, one by one, today I listened to a record I mixed sometimes last year. The album was recorded by someone else in a studio in New Jersey I believe but they weren’t happy with the mixes they were getting so they came through the tunnel looking for a shinier sound at the other end.

It’s a mixture of Jazz and Brazilian music, a combination that young Japanese saxophonist Wataru Uchida has been exploring with the help of producer and bass player Nilson Matta.

Great NY-based Brazilian musicians such as Romero Lubambo, Helio Alves, Cafe Da Silva and Ze Mauricio make up the cast of this album. Eight tunes written by Wataru and by Baden Powell, to whom the album is dedicated.

Check it out.

Amberside new website with two of my mixes

My friend Robbie Angelucci (a great italian guitar player who moved to LA 15 or so years ago) has a band called Amberside and they finally launched their website, which has a player featuring two mixes I did for them (“Broken Paradigm” and “Don’t Hold Me Back”)… unfortunately it’s just compressed web-ready mp3s, but I remember being happy with those (uncompressed WAV) mixes and the band is rocking (if you like stuff like Incubus, you’ll dig Amberside!). Check out the songs and their new website at

Michael Bisio, Stephen Gauci and Kris Davis aka SKM just released

I just did an improv recording session with Michael Bisio today and he handed me a copy of his latest work by the three musicians SKM. I recorded this back in 2008 at EastSide Sound and my colleague Rueben Radding mixed it at Magma Studio. Came out on Trem Azul’s Portuguese label Clean Feed this year. At least three more records featuring ex-Seattle resident now NY-based bassist Bisio will be coming out soon (but there might be more that I haven’t recorded and I don’t know of) so keep an eye out for him and also Whit Dickey’s album (which I just tracked today).