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Terri Lyne Carrington & Social Science
Waiting Game
2019 Motema USA  R   GN     click to view
The Black Crowes

2014 USA  L      
Todd Rundgren
AngelHeaded Hipster: the Songs of Marc Bolan & T.Rex
2020 BMG USA  R   M     click to view
The Fugees

2021 USA    
The Martinez Brothers

2014 USA  R   click to view  
Tiffany Affair
Start A Fire
2006 Warner Brothers USA  E      
Teraesa Vinson
Opportuniy Please Knock
2004 Amplified records USA  R   M     click to view
Teraesa Vinson
Next To You
2007 Amplified records USA  R   M     click to view
The Spike Orchestra
Splintered Stories
2020 Tzadik Records USA  R   M     click to view
The Nels Cline Singers
2014 Mack Avenue USA  R     click to view
Toby Driver / Timba Harris / Russell Greenberg
2014 The Flenser USA  R   M     click to view
The Growl
2006 Tzadik Records USA / Israel  R     click to view
The Hollywoodz
2009 USA  X      
Tuner (Markus Reuter & Pat Mastelotto)

2008 Germany / USA  M      
Tim Sparks
Little Princess: Tim Sparks Plays Naftule Brandwein
2009 Tzadik Records USA  R   M     click to view
the M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab
The Modern Expressing Machines Of Revolutionary Youth Laboratory
2009 D-Trash records Italy / USA  P   R   M   S   C     click to view
The Four Bags
2011 USA  M     click to view
Teiji Ito
2008 Tzadik Records USA / Japan  R     click to view
The Desert Mothers
Nowhere Motel
2007 Boots Road Music US  M     click to view