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List of Artists - C (16)

Artist Name Year Label Nationality Credit
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Christopher Juul (Heilung)
2022 Magnetic Eye Germany  P   R   M   C   click to view click to view

2013 USA/France  M   L      
Cindy Lauper

2005 Capitol Records USA  M      
Citizen Cope
One Lovely Day
2012 Rainwater Recordings USA  R     click to view
Charlotte Kemp Muhl
AngelHeaded Hipster: the Songs of Marc Bolan & T.Rex
2020 BMG USA  R   M     click to view
Chico Freeman (y Guataca)
Oh, by the Way
2002 Double Moon Records USA  R     click to view
Claudia Acuña
Turning Pages
2020 Chile  R   GN     click to view
Carmen Staaf
2020 Newvelle Records USA  R   M     click to view
Chris Tordini
Midnight Sun
2017 Newvelle Records USA  R   M     click to view
Courtney Love

2013 USA  R      
Chuck Rainey

2012 USA  R   M      
Champ Jones

2009 USA  P   R   M      

2011 USA  M      
Chico Freeman
Out of Many Comes the One
2006 Arabesque records USA  R   M     click to view
Carla Kihlstedt

2007 USA  R      
Chihiro Yamanaka
Lach Doch Mal
2006 Verve Japan  R   M     click to view