EastSide Sound is my home.

This beautiful recording facility was the first studio to be built on the Lower EastSide of New York City, back in 1973. I have been doing all my work at EastSide Sound since 1999, when I started working there and in 2003 we re-opened the new facilities, a few blocks away from the original location.

EastSideSound Studio A

EastSide Sound is a world-class recording studio that facilitates my work-flow enormously. Plenty of monitoring options, plenty of I/O, awesome pre-amps, vintage analog classics and up to date digital outboard, a great microphone collection with some awesome pieces and last but not least, the 1995 Nashville-made Harrison GLW Series 10B, one of the few boards in the world that are 100% analog (no A/D’s, no D/A’s) but offer full digital automation and full instant digital recall of EVERYTHING (not just moving faders, but also automatable and recallable EQ section, Panning, Aux Sends, Dynamic Section, Bussing etc etc). The Harrison is truly one of the best sounding and most versatile boards you’ll ever run into and I have the pleasure to work on one of these every day.

EastSideSound Live Room

EastSide Sound is also the ONLY room in New York City that offers a live room with 6 vocal booths of different sizes, which means that you can have 7 musicians playing live together, but completely isolated, looking at each other and with independent headphone mixes. The live room is equipped with a great sounding 1977 Steinway B (7ft), a 1959 Slingerland Jelly Beam drum set (12,13,15,16 and 20″ kick) and a huge collection of new and vintage guitars (Gibson, Fender, Taylor, PRS etc).

This is my studio. This is my home.