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Patti Smith

2014 USA  L      
Peter Frampton
American Made, World Played
2005 Capitol Records UK  R   M   click to view click to view
Patti Labelle

2008 USA  R      
Past the Mark
Hakhel Tribulation
2011 Nu Jazz Europe records USA / Italy  P   R   M   S   C     click to view
Paola Prestini
Aging Magician
2017 Via records Italy / USA  R   M   S     click to view
Pulp Dogs
Songs of Jealousy
2006 self-released Italy  S     click to view
Time to Feed
2014 Web of Mimicry USA  M     click to view
Paul Shapiro
Shofarot Verses
2014 Tzadik Records USA  R   M     click to view
Phantom Orchard Ensemble
Through the Looking-Glass
2014 Tzadik Records USA  R   M     click to view
2013 Out of Line Music Italy  X     click to view
Peter Evans quintet
2011 More is More records USA  R     click to view
Preacher's Son
Come On
2013 Ireland  P   R   M     click to view
Preacher's Son
10 Stories Tall
2013 Ireland  P   R   M      
Pamela Luss
There's Something About You I Don't Know
2007 Savant records USA / Puerto Rico  R     click to view
Peter Leitch
Self Portrait
2007 Jazz House USA  R   M     click to view
Paulette McWilliams
2006 Columbia Japan USA  R     click to view
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