Credits in this Musical Genre: Pop/Urban
Artist Name Year Label Nationality Credit
 P  Producer
 C  Composer
 R  Recording Engineer
 M  Mixing Engineer
 E  Editing Engineer
 S  Mastering Engineer
 L  Live Sound Engineer
 X  Remix Engineer
 A  Assistant Engineer
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Luther Vandross

2000 World Blue records USA  R      
Patti Labelle

2008 USA  R      
Jermaine Paul (Alicia Keys)

2006 USA  R      
Tiffany Affair

2007 Warner Brothers USA  E      

2008 Atlantic records USA  E      
Beenie Man aka King of Dancehall

2016 Jamaica  L      

2011 USA  M      
Daniela Mercury
We All Love Ennio Morricone
2007 Sony BMG / RCA Brazil  R   M     click to view
Fran Cathcart
American Made, World Played
2005 Capitol Records USA  R   M     click to view
Ivan Hampden (Luther Vandross, Jennifer Lopez)

2000 World Blue records USA  R      
Jeremiah Abiah
Chasing Forever
2006 Siri Music Group USA  R     click to view
Play Leela James
Let's Do It Again
2009 Shanachie USA  R     click to view

2008 Israel  R      
Paulette McWilliams
2006 Columbia Japan USA  R     click to view
Cold Shower
2006 Burn records USA  R     click to view
Sylvia Tosun

  USA  R      
The Hollywoodz
2009 USA  X      
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