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Ibrahim Maalouf

2019 French-Lebanese  R      
Irma Thomas
Newvelle Presents: The New Orleans Collection
2020 Newvelle Records USA  M     Irma-Thomas-Album_1024x1024.jpg
Irving Fields Meets Roberto Rodriguez
Oy Vey.....Ole!!!
2006 Tzadik Records Cuba / USA  R     Oy Vey.....Ole!!!.jpg
Ira Mogilevski

2007 Sweden  M   C      
Imani Uzuri
The Gypsy Diaries
2012 USA  R     ImaniUzuri_TheGypsyDiaries.jpeg
Ikue Mori
2011 Tzadik Records Japan  R   M     Kibyoshi.jpg
Ikue Mori
2017 Tzadik Records Japan  R   M     Obelisk.jpg
Ikue Mori
In Light of Shadows
2015 Tzadik Records Japan  M     In Light of Shadows.jpg
Ivan Hampden (Luther Vandross, Jennifer Lopez)

2000 World Blue records USA  R