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Credits in this Musical Genre (Latin)

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Eliane Elias

2003 USA / Brazil  L      
Chico Freeman (y Guataca)
Oh, by the Way
2002 Double Moon Records USA  R     ChicoFreeman_OhByTheWay.jpg
Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band
Rumba Buhaina
2005 Random Chance USA / Puerto Rico  R   M     JerryGonzalez_RumbaBuhaina.jpg
Chico Freeman
Out of Many Comes the One
2006 Arabesque records USA  R   M     ChicoFreeman_OutOfManyComesTheOne.jpg
Gemma Genazzano
Si Me Quieres / If You Love Me
2009 Clipped Records Italy / USA / Spain  R     GemmaGenazzano_SiMeQuieres.jpg
Hilton Ruiz
2003 Arabesque records USA  R     HiltonRuiz_Enchantment.jpg
Willie Martinez & La Familia Sextet
Before Winter, Spring
2008 Cuch Be Witcha Productions USA / Puerto Rico  R   M   S     WillieMartinez_AfterWinterSpring.jpg
Willie Martinez & La Familia Sextet
2007 Cuch Be Witcha Productions USA / Puerto Rico  R   M   S     WillieMartinez_Family.jpg